“And you’re looking tired, but you don’t look scared…”

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I kind of have a weird obsession with being clean. I’d take half a dozen showers every day if I could, and my favourite products to buy when I’m overseas are cleanser and shower gel.

A few years ago when I was in Japan I was almost overwhelmed with joy when I came across these immense drugstores stocking every kind of beauty product you could imagine. With many of them I couldn’t even understand the label. But I still wanted it all.

Shiseido make a few excellent diffusion lines that are solely stocked in Asia and the ‘Perfect’ series of cleansers are one of them. I’ve tried a few different iterations, all in their cornflower blue packaging, but by far and away my favourite of them all is the Perfect Whip cleanser.

It’s probably my favourite cleanser that I ever used in my life.

It’s a marshamallow-y white cream that foams up beautifully on your face. Somehow it manages to remove every last scrap of make up and grime, leaving your face squeaky clean but never ever dried out. I genuinely love it.

Whenever I’m back in Asia and see it somewhere I can’t resist picking up a tube or two. And if you ever find yourself at a Japanese beauty counter, confronted by a heap of products you don’t understand, at the very least let me give you a tip and a reason to pick this one up – it’s an absolute winner.

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